Outreachy: Internship wrap-up

Outreachy: Internship wrap-up

It's the last week of my Outreachy internship with Wagtail. My appreciation goes out to Outreachy for giving me this lifetime experience.

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Working on the Wagtail user guide documentation project, as an Outreachy intern gave me my first paid professional experience as a technical writer.

Furthermore, I have gained many valuable skills by working on the Wagtail user guide documentation. Among these skills are:

  • software and information architecture

  • advanced writing skills

  • copywriting

  • gap analysis

  • user research

  • project presentation

  • asynchronous communication

  • open collaboration

  • Python programming language

  • Django web framework

Besides gaining valuable skills during this internship, working with some of the most experienced professionals I've ever met as mentors is exciting. The most exciting experience I had while working on the Wagtail user guide was getting to present to Wagtail's core team. That single experience instilled in me a lot of confidence.

Progress update on the Wagtail user guide documentation

The Wagtail user guide documentation project remains unfinished. I was able to do the following on the Wagtail user guide documentation:

  • Improve the architecture of the documentation.

  • Implement a style guide.

  • Revamp the existing content.

  • Introduced a new Concepts section.

The tasks remaining in the user guide documentation are as follows:

  • Add a quickstart tutorial.

  • Add the content for the Reference section of the documentation.

  • Implement an internal navigation that shows which section of a page a user is reading.

To aid future contributors, I have submitted some reports as issues on the Wagtail user guide documentation repository. The reports serve as references for subsequent contributors interested in working on the project.

My post-Outreachy plans

Outreachy has shown me how quickly I can learn and get things done if I'm an active member of a functioning community. After Outreachy, I intend to work on the Wagtail developer documentation. I also intend to continue learning the core technologies used in building the Wagtail CMS.